For the majority of the News Of The World Project I was focusing on a series of illustrations based on the article: Creepy, cloaked figure dropping RAW MEAT on playgrounds sparks fear among residents in North Carolina community

I wanted to create a kind of back story for this “Creepy figure”, where she was portrayed as a sad woman just looking to make friends. I struggled a lot with the limit of just 3 colours and the A3 page guidelines. On top of this I was attempting to do something I wouldn’t normally do-focus solely on hand drawn illustrations, which were then digitally manipulated. After my final tutorial with Ima, and her mediocre feedback I decided that I was trying to do something that just isn’t me.

This led me to experiment with techniques which are more my style. I played around with pâpier maché, cardboard constructions and mobiles which I definitely preferred to my initial illustrations.

However, when considering how to arrange these into a publication I hit a brick wall. I didn’t know how I would photograph these successfully, but also I didn’t want a 20 page photographic publication either. I realised that my 3D creations were unsuccessful because the origins of my project were unsuccessful too. I felt as though I had wasted my time.



As a follow up to my cardboard maquettes I made some papier mache models too, based on my illustrations. I painted them originally in black and white as I planned to print the photos all in pink ink, but upon reflection I think the process is quite long winded and realistically I don’t think I’d have time to complete a 20 page publication with this method.

I also didn’t like the idea of the publication being a mix of illustrations, photographs (papier mache, cardboard etc). I wanted it to be more uniformed.